1. Hot Wings

    One pound of fresh crispy chicken wings tossed in our Buffalo style wing sauce. Served with celery and Bleu cheese dressing.

  2. Rib Teaser

    Smaller portion, slow roasted baby back ribs, chargrilled and smothered in our Famous Sauce. Garnished with French fries.

  3. Fried Potato Thins

    Very thinly sliced potatoes, seasoned and fried to order.

  4. Quesadilla

    Flour tortilla filled with monterey jack and cheddar cheeses. Served with salsa and sour cream

    Chicken quesadilla, add $2.00

  5. Chicken Fingers

    Seasoned, breaded chicken tenders fried to a crispy golden brown.

  6. Mozzarella Stix

    Italian-style breaded Mozzarella sticks fried to a golden brown. Served with Ranch dip.

  7. Northville’s Trifecta Basket

    Favorites: Mini Chicken Tacos, Chicken Fingers and Cheese Stix. Served with choice of two sauces.

  8. Hummus

    Traditional style hummus served with two pieces grilled pita bread.

  9. Nachos

    Corn tortillas, cut and fried daily. Topped with cheese, lettuce, green pepper and tomatoes. Served with homemade salsa and sour cream.

    A side of Jalapeño available upon request.

    Add chicken or beef $2.00
    Side of guacamolé $2.50

  10. Chips and Salsa

    Homemade tortilla chips made daily served with fresh, homemade salsa.

    Side of guacamolé $2.50

  11. Mini Tacos

    Just right for snackin’!

    With cheese $6.95

  12. Basket of Seasoned Fries

    Enough for two!

  13. Basket of Breaded Onion Rings

    Enough for two!



  1. Made fresh daily.
    Cup $3.25 / Bowl $3.95

  3. Homemade Chili

    Cup $3.95
    Bowl $4.50

  4. Served lunch only:

    Cup of soup and half sandwich. $7.95
    Cup of chili and half sandwich. $7.95

    Choice of Sandwich: Oven-Roasted Turkey, Corned Beef or Tuna Salad

  5. Homemade New England Clam Chowder

    Friday Only!
    Cup $3.95
    Bowl $4.50

  6. Served all day Friday:

    Clam Chowder with a Half Sandwich. $7.95



*NOTICE: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry or seafood may contribute to food borne illness.

  1. Tavern Caesar

    Fresh romaine lettuce, tossed with creamy Caesar dressing. Seasoned croutons and fresh shredded, aged, Parmesan cheese.

  2. Michigan Walnut Cherry Chicken Salad

    Crisp lettuce mix topped with breast of chicken, walnut pieces, sun-dried cherries, crumbled Bleu cheese and red onion. Served with raspberry vinaigrette dressing on the side.

  3. Grilled Chicken Caesar

    Topped with grilled breast of chicken.

  4. Tavern House Salad

    Mixed greens with tomato wedges, red onion, and seasoned croutons. Served with choice of dressing.

  5. Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad*

    Fresh romaine lettuce, tossed with a creamy caesar dressing, seasoned croutons, and fresh Parmesan cheese. Topped with grilled salmon, fried onion and lemon.

  6. Southwestern Chicken Salad - NEW

    Crisp romaine lettuce tossed in a ranch/salsa dressing. Topped with monterey jack and cheddar chesses. Boneless breast of diced chicken and tortilla strips

  7. Taco Salad - NEW

    Seasoned ground beef, Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses, shredded lettuce, and diced tomato. Served in a homemade tortilla shell, made fresh daily.

    Substitute chicken $1.00

  8. Coleslaw

    Our own creamy slaw recipe

  9. DRESSINGS: Thousand Island, Italian, Chunky Bleu Cheese, Hidden Valley Ranch, Low-cal Ranch, Honey Mustard, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette



*NOTICE: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry or seafood may contribute to food borne illness.

For your total taste satisfaction, we serve Certified Angus Beef® brand burgers. The tastiest, juiciest beef makes them the best-tasting burgers around!

Burgers are served with chips and Kosher dill spear.

  1. Patty Melt*

    Patty with Swiss and grilled onions on rye.

  2. Half-Pound Burger*

    A half-pound burger, hand-packed and made fresh daily. Served with lettuce, tomato, onion.

  3. Garden Burger

    Fresh and healthy!

  4. Turkey Burger*

    One-half pound hand-packed premium ground turkey.

  5. Toppings:
    Choice of: American, Swiss, Cheddar, Colby Jack, Pepper Jack, Grilled Onion, Sautéed Mushrooms each $0.75

    Bacon or bleu cheese add $1.00

  6. Add onion rings to any of the above $2.50
    Add seasoned French fries to any above $1.75



Sandwiches are served with chips and Kosher dill spear.

  1. Corned Beef

    Thinly sliced corned beef on fresh-cut grilled rye.

  2. Turkey Sandwich

    Fresh-cut, oven-roasted turkey breast grilled on whole wheat.

  3. Chicken Sandwich

    Grilled breast of chicken served with tomato and lettuce on a kaiser roll.

  4. B.L.T.

    The “old favorite.” Thick, sizzled bacon, vine-ripened tomato slices, and crisp garden lettuce on grilled wheat.

    Add turkey $2.00

  5. Reuben Grill

    Turkey or corned beef grilled on rye with sauerkraut, Thousand Island and Domestic Swiss.

  6. Turkey Pita

    Grilled Greek pita and oven-roasted sliced turkey, American cheese with lettuce, tomato, and red onion.

  7. Tuna Melt

    100% solid White Albacore tuna salad made fresh daily, served on grilled whole-wheat with American cheese.

  8. Salmon Ciabatta Sandwich

    Grilled salmon fillet served on Asiago ciabatta bread with lettuce, tomato and lemon. Served with a side of wasabi mayonnaise and fried onion garnish.

  9. “Vegetarian” Portabella Pita

    Grilled fresh portabella mushroom slices marinated in balsamic vinaigrette placed on top of grilled pita bread with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and red onion.

  10. French Dip

    Thinly sliced roast beef stuffed in ciabatta bread, served with homemade “au jus” and seasoned fries.

  11. B.B.Q. Pork / Pretzel Roll

    A full half-pound pulled pork grilled with our special B.B.Q. sauce. Served on our unique pretzel roll and topped with fried onions.

  12. Boursin Beef / Pretzel Roll

    Full, half-pound thinly sliced roast beef topped with Boursin cheese on a pretzel roll. Served with lettuce, tomato and red onion.

  13. Chicken Pesto Wrap

    Grilled chicken, roasted peppers, avocado pesto spread and shredded lettuce, drizzled with pesto sauce, stuffed in a tomato tortilla.

  14. Poole's Chicken Wrap

    Sun-dried tomato tortilla with a Boursin cheese spread filled with grilled breast of chicken, shredded lettuce, tomato and fried onion.

  15. Veggie Wrap - NEW

    Large, sun-dried tomato tortilla wrap, stuffed with roasted portabella mushroom slivers, roasted red peppers, mixed greens, hummus spread, tomato and red onion.

  16. Southwestern Wrap

    Sliced turkey, borsin cheese spread, lettuce mix, tomato, and fried onions topped with hot chili sauce and wrapped in a sun-dried tomato tortilla

  17. Main Street Turkey Wrap

    Sliced turkey, Boursin cheese spread, lettuce mix, tomato, and fried onions topped with hot chili sauce and wrapped in a sun-dried tomato tortilla.

  18. Add cheese to any sandwich $.75
    Add Bacon to any sandwich $1.00
    Add onion rings to sandwich $2.50
    Add seasoned French fries to any sandwich $1.75


Dinner Selections

*NOTICE: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry or seafood may contribute to food borne illness.

  1. Award-Winning Baby Back Ribs

    Baked in our own special seasonings and slow-roasted. Grilled on an open flame, and smothered with our special sauce. Served with seasoned fries, and creamy coleslaw.

  2. Crab Cakes - NEW!

    A full half-pound of Lump meat crab cakes drizzled with red pepper aioli and served with steamed vegetables and wild rice.

  3. Ribs & Shrimp

    Slow-roasted ribs and skewered Gulf shrimp served with crispy fries and lemon.

  4. Beer-Battered Fish & Chips

    Guinness-style beer battered Icelandic Cod, made fresh daily. Served with creamy coleslaw, and "Fried Potato Thins." A MUST TRY

  5. Steak Bits and Hummus*

    Eight ounces of Certified Angus Beef® tips and a half order of hummus. Served with grilled pita bread and our special BBQ sauce.

  6. Blackened Yellow Fin Tuna*

    Eight-ounce tuna steak, blackened and chargrilled. Served with rice and steamed vegetables.

  7. Steak Bits*

    Eight-ounce Certified Angus Beef® beef tips grilled to your request, seasoned and served with grilled pita bread and our special BBQ sauce.

    Add a side salad $3.95



Sprite, Ginger Ale, Squirt, Coffee, Tea, Iced Tea, Lemonade, Root Beer, Perrier, Hot Chocolate, Coke, Diet Coke